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Future Stage 1

11.09.2019, 15:00h – 15:25h, Future Park Stage 1
Neuer Company Builder / Startup Hub in Nürnberg

Timo Schusser, Founder & CEO und Jana Heindel, Business Development Manager

11.09.2019, 15:25h – 15:35h, Future Park Stage 1
One need not be a large company to open up the innovation process. How companies can benefit from OI

Open Innovation (OI) is one of the hottest topics in innovation management. Large multinational companies as well as SMEs are practicing this strategic concept more and more intensively. But what exactly is OI? What effects does OI have on the companies’ competitiveness in the context of dynamic and volatile markets? How exactly can companies benefit from OI and what challenges, risks and limitations do they have to face? The presentation shows how companies can use OI to create new sources of revenue, strengthen innovation performance and innovate business models in line with their specific innovation conditions.

Katharina Beck,
valvisio consulting GmbH, Innovation Manager

11.09.2019, 15:35h – 15:45h, Future Park Stage 1
AdFraud Reloaded.
Same Same But Different.

Ad fraud/Invalid Traffic is a huge problem – various efforts have already been made in the past to tackle this problem. There has been growing optimism that progress was being made in the fight against the industry’s biggest threat. But is the appearance of progress just little more than a mirage?
Listening to other sources, the ad fraud problem is getting worse. So it´s time to be part of those working on a solution instead of just dealing with the problem. fraudpath.io, a start-up company based in Nuremberg/Germany, is a highly qualified and dedicated team in order to develop innovative and customized solutions in the field of AdFraud and Invalid Traffic. Target groups are the media industry and agencies as well as marketers and IT-professionals.

Andrea Endres,
Director Client Services Global Werbeagentur GmbH Nürnberg und Senior Project Manager @ fraudpath.io

11.09.2019, 15:45h – 15:55h, Future Park Stage 1
Reinventing Corporate Publishing


Content Marketing and therefore the media channels owned by companies are becoming more and more important. Yet, Corporate Publishing seems to be part of an old world regarding digital technologies. Do we really need customer magazines, brochures and catalogues? What are the benefits of these corporate publications concerning a digital customer journey and how can companies disrupt a publishing process that is way to complex? Christian Wust of Webmag, a digital publishing platform made for easily creating sales- and marketing materials, shows why there are good reasons for you to reinvent your corporate publishing process and go digital.

Christian Wust,
Co-Founder & CMO Webmag